Python IEEE Project Titles 2021 – 2022

Students IEEE Projects in Python

We provide the best IEEE projects. Here we have given top python IEEE project titles. Also, we provide new python IEEE projects. We provide also python application projects to all college students.

Python IEEE Project Titles 2021–2022
1JPPY2101A Road Accident Prediction Model Using Data Mining TechniquesMachine LearningAdaboost Classifier AlgorithmPython
2JPPY2102A Systematic Review of Predicting Elections Based on Social Media DataMachine LearningPassive Aggressive ClassifierPython
3JPPY2103Agricultural Crop Recommendations based on Productivity and SeasonMachine LearningDecision Tree ClassifierPython
4JPPY2104An Efficient Spam Detection Technique for IoT Devices Using Machine LearningMachine LearningRandom Forest ClassificationPython
5JPPY2105Chronic Kidney Disease Stage Identification in HIV Infected Patients using Machine LearningMachine LearningSupport Vector Machine (SVM)Python
6JPPY2106COVIDSenti: A Large-Scale Benchmark Twitter Data Set for COVID-19 Sentiment AnalysisMachine LearningSupport Vector Machine (SVM)Python
7JPPY2107Crop Recommender System Using Machine Learning ApproachMachine LearningRandom ForestPython
8JPPY2108Detecting Fake Reviews Using Multidimensional Representations With Fine-Grained Aspects PlanMachine LearningCNN Model ArchitecturePython
9JPPY2109Detection of Cyberbullying on Social Media Using Machine learningMachine LearningSupport Vector Machine, Random Forest ClassifierPython
10JPPY2110Diabetes Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsMachine LearningRandom Forest ClassifierPython
11JPPY2111Emotion Recognition by Textual Tweets Classification Using Voting Classifier (LR-SGD)Machine LearningVoting Classifier (LOGISTIC REGRESSION AND STOCHASTIC GRADIENT DESCENT)Python
12JPPY2112Crime Type and Occurrence Prediction Using Machine Learning AlgorithmMachine LearningRandom Forest ClassifierPython
13JPPY2113Machine Learning Based Heart Disease Prediction SystemMachine LearningDecision Tree ClassifierPython
14JPPY2114Naïve Bayes Classifier for Predicting the Novel CoronavirusMachine LearningRandom Forest ClassifierPython
15JPPY2115Potato Disease Detection Using Machine LearningMachine LearningVGG16 ArchitecturePython
16JPPY2116WELFake: Word Embedding Over Linguistic Features for Fake News DetectionMachine LearningCNN Model ArchitecturePython
17JPPY2117Drug Recommendation System based on Sentiment Analysis of Drug Reviews using Machine LearningMachine LearningLinearSVCPython
18JPPY2118Predictive Analysis for Big Mart Sales Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsMachine LearningDecision Tree RegressionPython
19JPPY2119Primary Stage of Diabetes Prediction using Machine Learning ApproachesMachine LearningRandom Forest ClassifierPython
20JPPY2120Prediction of Modernized Loan Approval System Based on Machine Learning ApproachMachine LearningPython
21JPPY2121A Comparative Study on Fake Job Post Prediction Using Different Data mining TechniquesDeep LearningRandom Forest Classifier, K-Neighbors ClassifierPython
22JPPY2122A Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network for Real-Time Facial Expression DetectionDeep LearningCNN Model ArchitecturePython
23JPPY2123Brain Tumour Detection Using Deep LearningDeep LearningCNN Model ArchitecturePython
24JPPY2124Classification of Malaria-Infected Cells using Convolutional Neural NetworksDeep LearningCNN Model ArchitecturePython
25JPPY2125Diabetic Retinopathy Detection by means of Deep LearningDeep LearningInceptionV3 ArchitecturePython
26JPPY2126Diagnosis of COVID-19 from Chest X-Ray Images Using Wavelets-Based Depthwise Convolution NetworkDeep LearningEfficientNet B0 ArchitecturePython
27JPPY2127Handwritten Digit Recognition Using CNNDeep LearningCNN Model ArchitecturePython
28JPPY2128License Plate Detection Methods Based on OpenCVDeep LearningOpenCVPython
29JPPY2129A Study on a Car Insurance Purchase Prediction Using Machine LearningMachine LearningRandom Forest ClassifierPython
30JPPY2130Melanoma Detection Using Convolutional Neural NetworkDeep LearningVGG16 architecturePython
31JPPY2131Real-Time Drowsiness Identification based on Eye State AnalysisDeep LearningOpenCVPython
32JPPY2132Tomato Leaf Disease Identification by Restructured Deep Residual Dense NetworkDeep LearningVGG16 ArchitecturePython
33JPPY2133Traffic Sign Board Recognition and Voice Alert System using Convolutional Neural NetworkDeep LearningCNN Model ArchitecturePython

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