Python IEEE Project Titles 2022–2023

Students IEEE Projects in Python

We provide the best IEEE projects. Here we have given top python IEEE project titles. Also, we provide new python IEEE projects. We provide also python application projects to all college students.

Python IEEE Project Titles 2022–2023
1JPPY2201A Contemporary Technique for Lung Disease Prediction using Deep LearningDeep LearningVGG16 ArchitecturePython
2JPPY2202Automated Bird Species Identification using Audio Signal Processing and Neural NetworkDeep LearningArtificial Neural Networks model (ANN model)Python
3JPPY2203Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases in ECG Images Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning MethodsDeep LearningMobileNet ArchitecturePython
4JPPY2204Detection of Stress in IT Employees using Machine Learning TechniqueDeep LearningCNN Model ArchitecturePython
5JPPY2205Electricity Theft Detection in Smart Grids Based on Deep Neural NetworkDeep LearningArtificial Neural Network (ANN)Python
6JPPY2206Fine-Grained Food Classification Methods on the UEC FOOD-100 DatabaseDeep LearningMobileNet ArchitecturePython
7JPPY2207Identification of Fake Indian Currency using Convolutional Neural NetworkDeep LearningXception ArchitecturePython
8JPPY2208Parkinson’s Disease Detection Using Machine LearningDeep LearningXception ArchitecturePython
9JPPY2209Pneumonia Detection using Deep LearningDeep LearningVGG16 ArchitecturePython
10JPPY2210Plant Disease Detection and Classification Using Machine Learning AlgorithmDeep LearningInceptionV3 ArchitecturePython
11JPPY2211Rice Leaf Disease Prediction Using Machine LearningDeep LearningMobileNetV2 ArchitecturePython
12JPPY2212Soil Analysis and Crop Recommendation using Machine LearningDeep LearningMobileNetV2 ArchitecturePython
13JPPY2213Speech Emotion Recognition using Machine LearningDeep LearningArtificial Neural Network model (ANN model)Python
14JPPY2214A Deep Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease by Employing Machine Learning MethodMachine LearningArtificial Neural Network (ANN)Python
15JPPY2215A Machine Learning Based Approach for Wine Quality PredictionMachine LearningRandom Forest ClassifierPython
16JPPY2216Air Quality Prediction Based on Machine LearningMachine LearningRandom Forest ClassifierPython
17JPPY2217A Machine Learning-based Approach for Crop Yield Prediction and Fertilizer RecommendationMachine LearningExtraTreesRegressor, GaussianNBPython
18JPPY2218Intrusion Detection System Using Improved Convolution Neural NetworkMachine LearningDecision Tree ClassifierPython
19JPPY2219Credit Card Fraud Detection Using State-of-the-Art Machine Learning and Deep Learning AlgorithmsMachine LearningGradient Boosting ClassifierPython
20JPPY2220Crime Against Women Analysis & Prediction in India Using Supervised RegressionMachine LearningPython
21JPPY2221Crypto-Currency Price Prediction using Machine LearningMachine LearningRandom Forest RegressorPython
22JPPY2222Detection of Cyberbullying Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning AlgorithmsMachine LearningPython
23JPPY2223Detection of Phishing Websites Using Machine LearningMachine LearningPython
24JPPY2224Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms Classification by Machine Learning AlgorithmsMachine LearningDecision Tree ClassifierPython
25JPPY2225Efficient Thyroid Disease Prediction using Features Selection and Meta-ClassifiersMachine LearningDecision Tree ClassifierPython
26JPPY2226Fake Product Review Detection Using Machine LearningMachine LearningPython
27JPPY2227Fake Profile Identification in Social Network using Machine Learning and NLPMachine LearningPython
28JPPY2228Fraud Detection and Analysis for Insurance Claim using Machine LearningMachine LearningRandom Forest ClassifierPython
29JPPY2229Heart Disease Prediction using Machine Learning and Data Analytics ApproachMachine LearningArtificial Neural Network (ANN)Python
30JPPY2230InteliCrop: An Ensemble Model to Predict Crop using Machine Learning AlgorithmsMachine LearningEnsemble Model (VotingClassifier). Used three algorithm 1) Random Forest Classifier, 2) Logistic Regression, 3) Gradient Boosting ClassifierPython
31JPPY2231Liver disease prediction using Ensemble TechniqueMachine Learning.Gradient Boosting Classifier + AdaBoost Classifier (Ensemble Technique)Python
32JPPY2232Prediction of Parkinson’s disease using XGBoostMachine LearningRandom Forest ClassifierPython
33JPPY2233Prediction Of Used Car Prices Using Artificial Neural Networks And Machine LearningMachine LearningDecision Tree RegressorPython
34JPPY2234Fraud Detection on Bank Payments Using Machine LearningMachine LearningPython
35JPPY2235Toxic Speech Classification using Machine Learning AlgorithmsMachine LearningRandom Forest ClassifierPython
36JPPY2236Traffic Accident Risk Prediction Using Machine LearningMachine LearningPython
37JPPY2237Water Quality Classification Using SVM And XGBoost MethodMachine LearningGradient Boosting ClassifierPython

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